International Peening Day – Free Event


Scything is making a comeback!  It may look like hard work, but this ancient way of mowing is wonderfully quiet, environmentally friendly and versatile

International Peening Day aims to remind people to prepare their scythes in advance of the mowing season and provide support by encouraging them to peen together.

This year’s free event was in partnership with the Tees-Swale Naturally Connected programme, to sharpen your scythe in preparation for the new season. Equally suited to beginners and those looking to refresh their skills.  We will discuss:

  • sharpening in the field
  • peening the edge
  • care and maintenance of your scythe

Attendees will need to bring suitable clothing, including footwear, appropriate to the weather and ground conditions. Gloves are optional, steel toecap footwear is not necessary.

We hope to be able to repeat this in Spring 2024